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Nypa Palm and its role in carbon sequestration.

Nypa palm grows in the mangrove forests and swampy areas of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Phuket, a world class city in the Southern Thailand, used to have plenty of them. When tourism and prawn farms grew, Nypa palm was no longer wanted so they were all took down.

The tree is known for its large leaves that can grow up to 2.7 meters long and its edible fruit, which is often used to make sweet. The Nypa palm is also an important resource for the local communities as its leaves are used for thatching roofs, wrapping food for cooking and making baskets, while its trunk is used for building materials.

Additionally, one of the key benefits of the Nypa palm is its role in carbon sequestration. Nypa palm is a crucial component, are highly effective at storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They are estimated to sequester carbon at a rate of up to four times that of tropical rainforests, making them an important natural solution to climate change.

Bang Rong village of Phuket want their Nypa palm forest back, so they offer Nypa palm planting as a creative CSR and tourism activity in their village. This activity is so fun and meaningful!

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